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Cook Like an Alaskan | Chez Alaska Cooking School
Cook and Proprietor, Aniak Lodge by Rie Munoz "Cook and Proprietor, Aniak Lodge" by Rie Muñoz.


In the heart of Southeast Alaska, sea life, wild game, and vegetation abound in the waters and forests.  People who love to fish, hunt, and be outdoors come to Alaska for the rich natural beauty.  We prepare authentic dishes from our land and seas, and we believe everyone should have this opportunity.

Alaskan foods have become available in markets all over the world.  You can probably find Wild Alaskan Salmon, Copper River Kings, Reindeer Sausage, Birch Syrup, and other foods in your neck of the woods, but can you prepare them the Alaskan way?

Whether you’re looking for recipes or hands-on training, Chez Alaska Cooking School can provide you the opportunity to learn it the Alaskan way.

We use resources from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

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- Tuesday, Nov 30, 1999

From Southeast Alaskan lands and waters to your table.